Instructional Videos

Part 1 Subscription Installation

Part 2 More Tivimate! / Mecool TV Box

                                                                                                                Trouble Shooting Tips
           Reboot your Modem and Router weekly by unplugging the modem and the router, then wait 3-5 mins before plugging back in. This will refresh your line with your Internet Provider. If a Channel won’t play, buffers, or it locks up try changing the channel; then go back to the channel you were on to see if it works correctly. If you still have problems back out of the Tivimate App to your home page and go back into the Tivimate App. This will reset the App and update the EPG and Playlist. In addition, you need to keep your Tivimate App up to date by going to the Google Play Store. Type in Tivimate, if there is an update install it.